Personal Injury, Toxic Tort, Class Action and Other Complex Litigation

Since its founding, McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, P.C. has defended clients in litigation arising from acute or chronic illness and injury from allegedly hazardous substances.

The Firm has developed expertise in both premise and product liability suits, from the “one plaintiff, one defendant” variety to claims involving literally thousands of plaintiffs and scores of defendants. Either way, we are organized and prepared to efficiently and aggressively protect the interest of our clients.

The Firm has experience with alleged workplace injury from acids and acid fumes, asbestos, benzene, diesel fumes/particulates, industrial catalysts, creosote and other preservatives, heavy metals, petrochemical process stream components and intermediates of all sorts, pesticides, silica, and welding fumes, to mention but a few of the many exposures claimed in suits defended by the Firm.

We also have past experience in non-occupational toxic injury claims, such as silicon breast implant, household chemicals, and claims as “unique” as the short-lived claim of a young woman who died of lung disease following some years of deliberate “snorting” of an unadulterated household scouring powder.

Our attorneys are well grounded through their past experience in the medical, scientific, and legal issues specific to this type of litigation and relish the intellectual challenge often presented in such cases on issues related to causation.

Current representative clients include BNSF Railway Company, BP America Inc., CITGO Petroleum Corporation, Crown Central Petroleum Corporation, Exxon Mobil Corporation, South Jersey Industries, Inc., and Unimin Corporation, in addition to other transporters and manufacturers/suppliers of products alleged to cause harm, whose defense is assigned by insurers.

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