Trust, Probate and Guardianship Litigation

In Texas, probating a Last Will and Testament can be a simple, routine matter. However, many times disputes arise as to the validity of that will which can delay the probate of an Estate for years. Sometimes, even when a will is valid other issues may arise by competing claims or creditors.

Guardianships are not a pleasant matter for any family. They typically involve either a loved one who no longer has the capacity to take care of themselves and did not adequately put into place the means to have assistance, or a loved one who has lost that capacity but refuses help when needed. Guardianships take many forms from complete guardianships over a person and his or her financial affairs to more limited guardianships to handle medical or financial affairs of an incapacitated person or minor.

In its decades of existence MAPA has handled numerous disputes regarding these issues with sensitivity and professionalism.

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