David P. Salyer

Firm Officer, Galveston Office (409) 795-2022 | dpsalyer(at)mapalaw.com | vCard | View Full Bio Mr. Salyer, a native Galvestonian, joined McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, PC. in 1986 and became a firm officer in 1992. He specializes in complex civil … Continue reading

John V. Rabel

Firm Officer (713) 651-0881 ext 114| vCard | jvrabel(at)mapalaw.com | View Full Bio Mr. Rabel started his legal career with the Firm in 1980 and returned to the Firm in 1994 with extensive experience in complex civil litigation ranging from … Continue reading

Douglas W. Poole

Firm Officer, Galveston Office (409) 763-2481 ext 116 | vCard | dwpoole(at)mapalaw.com | View Full Bio Mr. Poole joined the Firm in 1977, after having worked as a brakeman/conductor while attending undergraduate and law school. He engages in railroad litigation and has … Continue reading

Lee A. Mencacci

Associate (409) 763-2481 ext. 124 lamencacci(at)mapalaw.com Lee A. Mencacci is a native Galvestonian and associated with McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, P.C. in January 2018.  While in law school, Mr. Mencacci participated extensively in the nationally recognized South Texas College of Law … Continue reading

Genevieve Bacak McGarvey

Firm Officer, Galveston Office (409) 763-2481 ext 132 -or- (281) 488-7150 ext 132 vCard | gbmcgarvey(at)mapalaw.com | View Full Bio Genevieve McGarvey is an attorney focusing on complex civil litigation with a docket that spans Galveston, Harris, Brazoria and Jefferson … Continue reading

Bryan R. Lasswell

Firm Officer, Galveston Office (409) 763-2481 ext 135| vCard | brlasswell(at)mapalaw.com | View Full Bio Mr. Lasswell joined McLeod, Alexander, Powel, & Apffel in 1992. He focuses his practice on general civil litigation with an emphasis on personal injury defense … Continue reading

Michael B. Hughes

Firm Officer, Galveston Office (409) 763-2481 ext 118 | vCard | mbhughes(at)mapalaw.com | View Full Bio Michael Hughes has practiced law with the firm since 1978 and became a firm officer in 1984. He has a general civil practice spending most … Continue reading

Ashley B. Harshaw

 Associate (409) 763-2481 ext. 129 abharshaw(at)mapalaw.com Ashley Harshaw associated with the Firm in January 2018 following a fellowship with the Honorable Jason B. Libby in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi.  During law school, Ms. Harshaw … Continue reading

David E. Cowen

Firm Officer, Galveston Office (409) 763-2481 ext 134 | vCard | decowen(at)mapalaw.com | View Full Bio Mr. Cowen associated with McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, P.C. in 1984 and has been a shareholder of the Firm since 1993. His principal area of … Continue reading